Our Veterans and Their Families

Rocky Soderman - Owner

United States Army – Vietnam Veteran

Rocky, at age 19, volunteered for the draft in September 1969 and reported to Fort Lewis, Washington for basic training, then to Fort Belvoir, Virginia for additional training as a generator operator. The following April ‘70 Rocky received orders to report to B Company of the 84th Engineer Battalion in the Republic of Vietnam. The 84th was headquartered in Qui Nhon, but B Company was deployed about 60 miles north and a bit inland in a small coconut grove on the edge of the Lai Giang river near the village of Bong Son.

Their main assignments were to provide ground clearing support for infantry troops and build a bridge to replace the old one that had been frequently damaged by the Viet Cong. Rocky never worked as a generator operator. Instead, his main job was purifying river water into a holding tank for company use, but occasionally he accompanied ground clearing/mine sweep details, and he did limited work in the motor pool. Company B was supported by members of the 173rd Airborne and various artillery units, both located a few miles away at LZ English.

In late ‘70, B company as well as the entire 84th Engineer Battalion were reassigned to a large support base camp in the city of Da Nang, off the South China Sea. Rocky spent the final couple months of his tour working in the B Company motor pool in Da Nang. He received orders in February ‘71 to leave in March and report to Fort Sill, Oklahoma where he awaited separation from service.

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Richard W. Hays - Owner

United States Air Force – Vietnam Veteran

Commissioned in the USAF in the Summer of 1967, Richard Hays entered active duty Dec ’67 at Randolph AFB, TX for pilot training. Richard graduated from pilot training Jan ’69 and reported to Davis Monthan AFB, AZ in the Spring for F4 combat crew training. Following F4 training in the Fall’69, he then reported to the 555TFS, Udorn, Thailand.

Hays completed his tour of 158 combat missions in Oct ’70 and was then assigned to the 496TFS, Hahn AB,Germany in Dec ’70 for air defense of NATO. After almost four years, Hays was reassigned to the 69TFTS,Luke AFB,AZ.

While at Luke, he trained German students to fly the F104 and later instructed advanced students who attended the F104 Fighter Weapons School. Hays left Luke AFB in Oct ’79 for assignment with the US Military Training Mission, Saudi Arabia.

After a year, Hays returned to flying F4s at Moody AFB,GA with the 339TFS (later to become the 69TFS). In Jan ’84, Hays departed Moody for assignment to the Pentagon, USAF Operations/Plans, Middle East/Africa/South Asia Division where he spent 4.5 yrs before retiring Aug ’88.

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